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The CO-meter is a device used for the protection of individuals such as doctors, emergency services, heating specialists, the mining industry, maintenance services that work in an environment likely to be contaminated by carbon monoxide.

Adapted to NFX50-010 and NFX50-010 2007 standards

It is portable and is available with a cover which can be clipped onto a belt. It is an essential tool for your security or that of your personnel. For daily use the CO-meter is available with a battery and a recharging kit.

The CO-meter® or CO-meter® Pro enable you to detect the level of exposure to carbon monoxide: they detect and analyse carbon monoxide levels by measuring the concentration of carbon monoxide in the air with great accuracy.

CO metre Pro

When there are traces, that is to say very slight concentrations of gas in the atmosphere, the results of the analysis are measured in volume units called ppm (parts per million).

Thus, when the CO-meter indicates a result of 6 ppm, there is a proportion of 6 volumes of carbon monoxide or 6 cubic centimeter for 1 000 000 volumes of air or 1 cubic meter, that is to say one 6 millionth of CO in the air.

The meter is equipped with the most up to date technology and its detector will guarantee the accuracy of measurements from 0 to 999ppm.

A bit less accurate than electrochemical sensors, the use of a solid state sensor provides unequaled durability and avoids costly and regular recalibration. In addition, this technology makes the acquisition of CO-meter a good bargain with a very low life cycle cost.

Functions (9917C model only)

  • MAX: The maximum concentration is measured and memorised. The "MAX" key indicates this measurement and "MAX RESET" reinitializes it.
  • ALARM: three different tones correspond to 100%, 200% and 300% legal level alarm (TWA) respectively: 50, 100 and 150 ppm. 0 to 50 ppm: no alarm, 50 to 100 ppm: a beep every two seconds and 100 to 150 ppm: a double beep every second

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CO metre Pro
CO metre Pro
CO metre Pro


CO metre Pro
CO metre Pro