ALCOVE CO alarm for motorized vehicles

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The ALCOVE® alarm (Alarm CO for VEhicles) is a derivative of the COACH that ensures the safety of people working in motor vehicles. It can be powered by a voltage between 9 and 40V, which allows its use on aircraft, small vehicles with a single battery, trucks and military vehicles with two batteries.
The alarm ALCOVE® has the latest technology available in the field of sensor and microprocessor to guarantee accurate measurements of CO concentration from 0 to 999 ppm. You can use it for many years without any adjustment.
A patented algorithm to simulate the rate of carbon monoxide actually present in the blood called carboxyhemoglobin or COHb rate. It is possible to know at any time the status of the unit: number of trips, and maximum measured failure indicator.
Coach meets the European standard EN50291(Learn more).

Units and standards

CO molecule

The analysis result provides a concentration in ppm (parts per million). From this measurement the computer integrates relevant exposures over time to calculate the theoretical COHb. If this value exceeds the threshold given by the EN50291 standard, the alarm will sound.

In industrial environments, French regulations limit the concentration to 50 ppm for a job during a busy day at 8am. This is stated in the NIRS (National Institute for Research and Safety) document ND1945-153-93. The installation of an alarm ALCOVE® has superior sensitivity, ensures compliance of your system with this regulation.


  • MAX: the maximum concentration is measured and memorised. The "MAX" key indicates this measurement and "MAX RESET" reinitializes it.
  • ALARM: an audible alarm and light is activated when a CO threshold is exceeded. After acknowledgement of the information by pressing a button, the indicator light stops blinking but stays on. The device then calculates the time required to eliminate CO accumulated in the blood by natural respiration when the concentration is less than 50 ppm.