EnOcean sun tracker

EnOcean sun tracker header

The EnOcean sun tracker provides elevation and azimuth of the sun and the infrared power expressed in kW/m2.
It also provides day / night information for building automation.

This sensor replaces a single complex and costly weather station, which provides GPS position, the orientation of the facade, a real time clock synchronized by radio associated with the calculation of the theoretical position of the sun.

In addition, the shade of the surrounding buildings and trees can now be taken into account for each window. The light reflected by the surrounding buildings with mirror glass is also taken into account.

Sun path

This sensor is used for intelligent adjustable slats control performed by the G4000 gateway to allow:

  • Visual comfort (anti glare, modulation of excessive sunlight),
  • Collecting thermal energy by sun tracking with slats orientation in winter,
  • Rejection of infrared solar radiation during the summer season,
  • Collect the maximum of diffuse daylight to minimize the need of artificial lighting,
  • Provide privacy at night and on demand,
  • The combination of the above elements as a function of occupancy.


Available soon.