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CO2 VOC humidity temperature E4000 probe
Categories Air quality, gateway, EnOcean, home automation

E4000 probe

This indoor air quality probe is used to control mechanical renewal of the air in buildings. A new regulation requires airtight buildings and air renewal can only be mechanically controlled. The E4000 probe ensures optimum control of ventilation.... More information

EnOcean heater valve
CategoriesEnOcean, home automation

ME8300 EnOcean valve

The ME8300 wireless actuators radiator valve is designed to communicate bidirectionally with other devices based on EnOcean protocol.... More information

NanoSense EnOcean IP gateway
Categories Gateway, EnOcean, home automation

EnOcean cloud services

The EnOcean cloud services are a gateway that links an entire EnOcean ecosystem to IP. You can now record all the communications of EnOcean products in a cloud service free of charge (with real time graphs) and retrieve and share data from anywhere in XML or JSON format.... More information

P4000 particle matter probe
Categories Air quality

P4000 particles probe

The particulate matter, also known as PM is a complex mixture of extremely small particles and liquid droplets. Particulate contamination consists of a number of components, including acids (for example nitrates and sulfates), organic chemicals, metals, and soil particles or dust.... More information

G4000 EnOcean gateway
Categories Gateway, EnOcean, home automation

G4000 Gateway

The G4000 is a bidirectional gateway between EnOcean and KNX ecosystems. It allows a sophisticated setting of EnOcean and KNX sensors and actuators thanks to the KNX database.... More information