Parking Air Manager: Underground parking air renewal management

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The PAM (Parking air manager) manages the air renewal of underground parking lots of small and medium size. Indeed, if the regulation requires parking of more than 300 cars to be equipped with ventilation management systems, small and medium sized parking should be able to be fitted inexpensively with similar systems. Many apartments above parking have a CO level exceeding the standards because of exhaust gases infiltration through ducts. Buildings trustees may have to assume responsibility in case of poisoning in an apartment because of parking gas infiltration.

Even if the passage time in a parking lot and therefore the exposure to exhaust gas is theoretically short, there is a risk that some owners of vehicles perform longer operations (cleaning, repairs ..). The risk of poisoning becomes very important if mechanical ventilation is not provided. Ventilation with a timer related to the parking door opening cannot provide satisfactory air quality in this case.

  • Triggering at 50 ppm for low speed extractor control.
  • Triggering at 100 ppm for high speed extractor control.
  • Triggering if > 100 ppm for more than 20 minutes for high speed extractor control + sound alarm.
  • Triggering at 200 ppm for parking evacuation indication.


  • No maintenance thanks to solid state semiconductor type sensors.
  • Direct connection to extrators (and possible alarms).
  • Complies with French regulations for parking with more than 300 cars.


  • Control modules on DIN rail.
  • IP 42 sensor enclosures.
  • Connection of up to 5 sensors or 4 with a firefighter panel.
  • Sensor bus connection up to 1200 m (cable with 4 wires).
  • 230V AC supply.

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