ME8300 EnOcean heater valve

EnOcean heater valve header

The ME8300 wireless radiator valves is designed to communicate bidirectionally with other devices based on EnOcean protocol. Bidirectional communication and control by EnOcean/KNX or LON gateway/controllers like the E4000 probe or the G4000 gateway or EnOcean room controllers have been validated. Thanks to the self-adaptive PID embedded in the above controllers and the ME8300 with a precise control of valve opening you can regulate the temperature of a room with great accuracy. 0.1°C accuracy of regulation in a 100m2 office has been reached by driving an ME8300 valve with an E4000 probe using a communication rate of one minute.


The EnOcean Alliance technology is based on wireless technology and energy harvesting solutions for wireless, batteryless and maintenance free sensors (mini solar cells). More than 300 companies are members of the EnOcean Alliance. Interoperability between different manufacturers of these products allows a quick installation and low maintenance of devices.