G4000 gateway (KNX/LON/RS485/IP)/EnOcean

NanoSense G4000 header

The G4000 is a bidirectional gateway between the EnOcean ecosystem and KNX. It allows setting of additional EnOcean sensors and actuators with the KNX database.
The G4000 gateway can connect up to 10 sensors and control up to 5 actuators.
The G4000 gateway supports the entire EEP2.5 (EnOcean equipment profile)
The G4000 gateway is the only gateway on the market to handle EnOcean secured telegrams (required for blinds).
The G4000 gateway also performs a repeater function if selected

It is guaranteed that any sensor or actuator, even bidirectional from any manufacturer member of the EnOcean Alliance may be connected to the gateway.


The EnOcean Alliance technology is based on wireless technology and energy harvesting solutions for wireless, batteryless and maintenance free sensors (mini solar cells). More than 300 companies are members of the EnOcean Alliance. Interoperability between different manufacturers of these products allows a quick installation and low maintenance of devices with the gateway (no batteries to change). The gateway can cover different rooms and benefit from an external antenna to improve radio propagation.

G4000 EnOcean gateway
  • Switch (ON / OFF, UP / DOWN, position setting) for lighting, shutters, blinds…
  • Occupancy and brightness sensor (ceiling mount) for lighting management.
  • Contact opening probe or handle for window or door.
  • Room thermostat and settings (day, night, frost)
  • Remote adjustment and control (lighting, shutters)
  • Actuator for lighting, shutters, blinds …

Telegrams received from any wireless EnOcean device are interpreted by the E4000, and data converted into KNX or LON or IP communication objects.

Power Over Ethernet

PoE (Power Over Ethernet) allows you to power supply Ethernet devices (such as access points, IP cameras, IP phones, switches ...) using the network cable. Ethernet cable category 5/5E or 6 carries both data and power without the risk of short circuit or alteration of data. The power supply is provided only at the PoE detection equipment and is ended when the equipment is disconnected. The IEEE802.3af standard defines the implementation of this technology & ensures compatibility and interoperability of equipment complying with this standard.

  • Available soon

KNX | LonWorks

KNX and LonWorks protocols are based on the BUS principle. Explanation: the principle of the bus is that all project participants (buttons, actuators ...) interact with each other using the bus. The system programming is done with the KNX software ETS or LonMaker for a LonWorks system. It is possible to modify the program, for example a button lights another lighting circuit rather than the current one. The more complex features an installation or building automation has, the better the KNX technology can be adapted compared to a traditional solution. Indeed, the existence of a communication network through the bus allows the realization of complex commands. Communication protocols KNX and LonWorks can intelligently manage your heating and lighting to ensure energy savings over the mid-term.


  • Saving considerable time for installing the electrical cable
  • Only power circuits are brought to the electrical panel
  • The possibilities of extensions are possible without major work

The G4000 gateway in detail


G4000 KNX module G4000 LON module G4000 PoE module G4000 gateway LCD tool